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About Us

In july 2004, MGCI was built-in to impart quality education. In this long journey of success, thousands of students of Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics has achieved success from the institute and today this institute has emerged as a
synonym of success due to their special teaching style. A special identity has been created in the field of quality Education, we starts MGCI with the excessive principles and commitment to excellence, now MGCI has taken a shape of energetic, vibrant, accountable and one of the most successful coaching institute of the country. MGCI is unique for the quality of education that it imparts to students and its dedication towards their success. This could be achieved simply by good quality of the excellent teaching methodology that MGCI has grew, developed and executed over the years.

Our Mission


The mission of the MGCI is to build a better future for all. This includes individuals, our state, our nation, and our world. We fulfill our mission by preparing competent, committed, and reflective minds as we engage in outstanding teaching, innovative and impactful research, and meaningful outreach. Since MGCI was founded, our mission has been very clear: to reach every student in the community, regardless of financial situation, and to offer the greatest education at a reasonable cost.

Our goal is to elevate the MGCI NEET/IIT division to new heights, and we pledge to ourselves that we will succeed if we work hard, are committed, and have determination. Our goal is to get to the point where MGCI students ought to be enrolled annually in every medical institution in India. Our goal is to get to the point where an MGCI student should be enrolled annually in every medical institution in India.

Competitive zeal


We promote testing scientific knowledge and the extent to which it can be applied in the actual world, which fosters a culture of competition that aids in adapting to modern challenges.

Pinnacle of Achievement


We address the desires of the hour and the day’s  professional ambitions in an effort to reach the greatest peaks possible in the field of education.

Our Vision


Our vision is one of transformation and includes engaging in the continuous learning necessary in a rapidly advancing world, identifying and addressing critical issues related to the education of all people, and using technology to broaden and support learning opportunities.



Our organisation is committed to making a consistent effort to accomplish both short- and longterm goals in a balanced manner. When it comes to pursuing the most concrete types of academic accomplishment, MGCI places a great emphasis on the genuine essence of determination.



We consider advancement to be essential to achieving our goal. We are moving in a futuristic, transitional direction. We think that any organisation that wants to remain stable ought to be forward-thinking.



A trip needs to have a purpose if one is to move forward with persistence. MGCI will persist in employing tangible and cognitive assets while developing a social disposition to benefit the country and the global community.

Our Value


Built on the vision that education serves as a keystone in improving society and building better
futures for all, we commit to our core values of:

  • Excellence
  • Ethics and Dignity
  • Diversity
  • Student Focus