Career opportunities in various fields of Medical, Engineering and Agriculture

Home Opportunity

Forest Department.

Post Qualification
Sub District forest officer (S.D.F.O.) B.Sc. (Ag.)
Ranger B.Sc. (Ag.)
Deputy Ranger B.Sc. (Ag.)
Forester B.Sc. (Ag.)

Agriculture Department (Agriculture + Horticulture + Soil and water conservation)

Post Qualification
Rural Agricultural extension Officer (R.A.E.O) B.Sc. (Ag.)
Agricultural Development Officer (A.D.O.) B.Sc. (Ag.)
Senior Agricultural Development Officer (S.A.D.O.) M.Sc. (Ag.)
Assistant Director of Agriculture (A.D.A) M.Sc. (Ag.)

Agricultural Research Department

Post Qualification
Senior Research Fellow (S.R.F.) M.Sc. (Ag.)
Research Associate (R.A) M.Sc. (Ag.)
Technical Associate (T.A.) M.Sc. (Ag.)
Senior scientist (S.S.) M.Sc.(Ag.) + Ph.D / NET
Junior scientist (J.S.) M.Sc.(Ag.) + Ph.D / NET

Agricultural Education Department

Post Qualification
District forest Officer (D.F.O.) B.Sc. (Ag.)
Agricultural Lecturer (Ag. Lect.) M.Sc. (Ag.)
Assistant Professor (A.P.) M.Sc.(Ag.) + Ph.D / NET
Professor M.Sc.(Ag.) + Ph.D / NET
Head of Department M.Sc.(Ag.) + Ph.D / NET
Dean M.Sc.(Ag.) + Ph.D / NET


Post Qualification
Agricultural Field Officer (A.O.) B.Sc. (Ag.)
Provisional Officer (P.O) B.Sc. (Ag.)
Clerk B.Sc. (Ag.)

Sericulture Department

Post Qualification
Silk Production Inspector (S.I) B.Sc. (Ag.)
Assistant Director of Sericulture (A.D.S) M.Sc. (Ag.)

Corn Exchange

Post Qualification
Corn Exchange Inspector (C.E.I.) B.Sc. (Ag.)

Food Corporation of India

Post Qualification
Technical Assistant (T.A.) B.Sc. (Ag.)
Technical Officer (T.O.) B.Sc. (Ag.)
Assistant Branch Manager (A.B.M.) M.Sc. (Ag.)
Branch Manager (B.M.) M.Sc. (Ag.)

Public Service Commission and Union Service Commission

Post Qualification
All Administrative Posts B.Sc. (Ag.)

Seed Corporation of India

Post Qualification
Technical Assistant (T.A.) B.Sc. (Ag.)
Seed Inspector (S.I.) B.Sc. (Ag.)
field Officer B.Sc. (Ag.)
Sales Officer M.Sc. (Ag.)
Branch Manager M.Sc. (Ag.)


Post Qualification
Technical Assistant B.Sc. (Ag.)
Sales Officer B.Sc. (Ag.)
Quality Control Officer M.Sc. (Ag.)
Branch Manager M.Sc. (Ag.)

National/International Companies of pesticides agro Chemicals / fertilizer seeds / agricultural inst

Post Qualification
Field Officer B.Sc. (Ag.)
Field Manager (F.M) M.Sc. (Ag.)
Sales Assistant (S.A.) B.Sc. (Ag.)
Regional Manger M.Sc. (Ag.)
State Manager (S.M) M.Sc. (Ag.)

Medical Department

Post Qualification
Doctor M.B.B.S.