Pratigya Test Series


11 Feb – 01 May, 2024

The Pratigya Test Series, with its team of skilled and experienced instructors, guarantees that students receive meaningful feedback and performance analysis that points them in the direction of targeted improvements. Students who complete the well-structured test series will have the means to enhance their conceptual clarity, problem-solving skills, and time management—all of which are critical for performing well on the NEET exams.

With its group of knowledgeable and experienced teachers, the Pratigya Test Series ensures that students obtain insightful feedback and performance analysis that helps them focus on their areas of progress. After finishing the well-organized test series, students will be able to improve their time management, problem-solving, and conceptual clarity which are essential for doing well on the NEET-2024 exams.

Students can start a focused and goal-oriented preparation journey for NEET 2024 by enrolling in the Pratigya Test Series, which will provide them a competitive advantage to meet their academic goals.


Important Pratigya Test Series 2024 Features

Enrolling in MGCI’s Pratigya Test Series 2024 promises to improve students’ performance overall and enhance their NEET preparation. Among the salient characteristics are:

Extensive exam coverage: : To guarantee that students are fully prepared for the tests, the test series covers the whole NEET syllabus, including all pertinent themes and subtopics.

Friendly workplace: Practice tests and mock exams are designed to replicate the real exam environment, providing students with first-hand experience taking the NEET exams. 

Performance Analysis: Every exam in the Pratigya test series comes with thorough feedback and an analysis of its performance. Students benefit from knowing their areas of strength and weakness and where they can grow as a result. 

Individualised Report: Student progress on their final exam is highlighted in personalized reports that are sent to them.

Experienced faculty: A group of qualified and experienced instructors who are familiar with the test series’ exam trends and patterns.

Doubt-clearing sessions: The Pratigya NEET-2024 test series provides students with the opportunity to ask knowledgeable faculty members questions or seek clarification on complex ideas.

All things considered, the Pratigya NEET 2024 Test Series offers a thorough teaching approach and priceless materials, giving students the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in these tough exams.

Entrance Exams Covered

Competitive exams hold significant importance for Pratigya aspirants, with two of the most prominent ones being the JEE and the NEET. These exams serve as gateways to prestigious institutions and pave the way for future careers in engineering and medical fields, respectively.



To be admitted to undergraduate medical (MBBS) and dental programs at different government and private medical institutions throughout India, applicants must pass the national NEET exam.

Pratigya gives its NEET-aspiring students the tools they need to establish a solid background in physics, chemistry, and biology. In addition to academic knowledge, Pratigya exhibits analytical abilities, critical thinking, and the capacity to translate abstract ideas into real-world situations. The Pratigya Test Series is known for its meticulous preparation, extensive revision, and frequent mock exams.

For NEET Toppers, MGCI also administers the Pratigya scholarship exam. These scholarships might make it possible for gifted kids to continue their education without worrying about money while also pushing them to raise their academic performance.


Methods of enrolling

At MGCI, the admissions procedure is simple. Students can readily obtain the application form from the MGCI Centre. The application must be completed by students and submitted with the necessary paperwork. Candidates will get notifications and instructions on how to finish the admissions process.




What is Pratigya Test Series?

To aid students in getting ready for competitive exams like NEET, the Pratigya test series consists of a collection of practice papers and mock exams. Through practice and assessment of their knowledge, time management, and problem-solving skills, students may get a feel for what an actual exam is like with these test series.

What competitive exams are covered in the Pratigya Test Series 2023?

Typically, students studying for different admission examinations are the target audience for
the Pratigya Test Series. These are

  • NEET

In what ways can the Pratigya Test Series 2024 aid in my exam preparation?

With the help of the realistic Pratigya mock test provided by the Pratigya test series, you may familiarise yourself with exam patterns and boost your confidence when taking the actual tests. You can adjust your study strategy to get the best outcomes by following the guidance provided by the thorough performance analysis and comments during your preparation.

Do the tests take place offline or online?

Test is only available in offline format through Pratigya Test Series. Since the offline option follows the pattern of the exam, it is very helpful for preparing for the NEET. Test sheets, or OMR sheets, are given out, and once the OMR has been uploaded, the results are available online.

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