Droppers Course for NEET (UG)

For XII Passed Students

Frequency: 6 days a week for weekdays, Mon-Sat
Batch Starting On: 1 April
Batch Ending On: February Month
Medium: English / Hindi
Admission: Direct Admission
Board: All Board

Our Dropper course for NEET 2024 offers a 1 year focused preparation programme tailored exclusively for students who passed the XII exam, enabling you to pursue your dreams of becoming a top medical professional. At MGCI, we recognise how important it is to have excellent coaching and inspiration to reach your NEET high score target. Our knowledgeable faculty, is dedicated to giving you the greatest support possible both in and out of the classroom so you can successfully pursue your career as a medical professional.


For more than 19 years, the MGCI has led the way in realising the dreams of Indian students by setting extraordinary standards for academic performance. Because of MGCI’s persistent dedication to providing a solid educational foundation, its students have received extraordinary distinction for their outstanding achievements in national and international Entrance exams.


One-Year Dropper/Repeater Classroom Programme

This course is specifically intended for students who have finished their XII grade and want to retake the exam or commit a year to prepare for the NEET. The programme is unique from other one- or twoyear programmes in that it doesn’t include any school or board exam preparation—it just concentrates on entrance exam preparation. Aspirants can prepare thoroughly thanks to the rich study resources, test series, and mock exams that are provided. It also attempts to increase their exam speed and accuracy as well as their comprehension of core ideas.


Droppers batch for NEET-2025

PHASE I 01/04/2024 At Admission After one month of admission After two month of admission
PHASE II 01/05/2024 At Admission After one month of admission After two month of admission
PHASE III 01/06/2024 At Admission After one month of admission After two month of admission
Mode Of Payment
  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Though UPI ID and QR Code
  • Trough net banking, bank transfer (NEFT/RTGS)
  • Contact in this number- 9329911449
  • Finance schemes (at 0% interest rate)
  • The following payment options are available to you based on your convenience


At MGCI, we want no worthy student to be prevented from pursuing a high-quality education by financial constraints. For this reason, there are numerous scholarship programmes available to assist with paying for tuition.

On the basis of 10th/12th board
On Scoring 90% or more in both 10th & 12th class 30%
On Scoring 90% or more in either 10th & 12th class 20%
On Scoring 85% or more in either 10th & 12th class 10%
On the basis of NEET Score Card
500 + (Gen/OBC) 50%
451 – 500 (Gen/OBC) 45%
401 – 450 (Gen/OBC) 40%
351 – 400 (Gen / OBC) 35%
301 – 350 (Gen /OBC) 30%
251 + (ST/SC) 50%
201 – 250 (ST/SC) 40%
151 – 200 (ST/SC) 30%
On the basis of your class rank
12th Biology 1st Rank 5000
12th Maths 2nd Rank 3000
12th Maths 1st Rank 5000
12th Biology 2nd Rank 3000
  • Discount at the rate of Rs. 100 on each percentage above 70% in class 10th or 12th, like – Rs. 1000 discount on 80%.
  • Special discount of Rs. 1,000 to 3,000 for droppers.

The NEET Crash Course, Pratigya Test Series, 1 and 2-year NEET Classroom Programmes, and Foundation Programmes are all offered by MGCI. MGCI is the best NEET preparation centre because of their cutting-edge teaching methods, which include exam planners, and micro timetables.

Methodology of Teaching

The saying “Education is the passport to the future” is widely known. Anyone may be changed by a quality education, and everything can be changed by a skilled teacher. The exceptional outcomes of MGCI demonstrated that the Institute employs top faculty members who are constantly available to assist students and make sure the material is presented in an understandable manner. The highly acclaimed, driven, and experienced instructors on the MGCI faculty panel are well-known throughout Indore for their successful teaching techniques and abilities. MGCI has a staff of the greatest instructors who consistently produce the best results when it comes to NEET preparation. Our carefully designed courses and timely syllabus completion give candidates ample time for independent research and in-depth review. The curriculum is regularly updated to reflect the rapidly evolving competitive landscape. The succession of recurring assessments mirrors the structure of several competitive exams and provides candidates with consistent preparation for the same. Our pupils’ capacity for problem solving is further enhanced by the best teaching approaches. Students’ grasp of the material, as well as their strengths and shortcomings, are determined by each test they attempt as a result, they easily pass the exam after successfully adjusting to the paper design. In addition to imparting knowledge, we inspire and encourage our students to maximise their potential by enhancing their selfassurance.