MGCI is the fastest growing institute of central India’s with highest percentage of selection in NEET & JEE.


MGCI Journey

Best Faculty Team

  • MGCI’s teaching team provides NEET and JEE students with an unparalleled intellectual resource for mentorship. MGCI teaching
    members’ unwavering efforts foster an environment where students can fully grow through intellectually challenging and goal-oriented instruction. They possess an exceptional blend of credentials, expertise, and track record.
  • MGCI provides 3-5 full time, experienced & dedicated faculties of each subject.
  • The teachers at MGCI base their approach to teaching on the idea that a teacher’s job is to support students in their pursuit of information rather than just imparting it.
  • The faculty at MGCI is the best team in one building thanks to their flawless combination of subject knowledge, expertise, and the ability to teach even the most difficult subjects in an approachable manner.
  • The MGCI academic team’s goal to succeed for themselves as well as for others who have faith in them is reflected in the consistent improvement in results and the culture of ongoing academic research and growth.

Reliable System

MGCI’s foundation is built on satisfaction and trust. We pledge to offer top-notch academics and a top-notch system. Our system’s three guiding principles are hard effort, dedication, and determination.

Teaching Methodology

Classroom Work

  • All classrooms have air conditioning (A.C.) to ensure that kids are comfortable throughout the year. Concept Building: Air-conditioned, large classrooms are frequently used for separate English and Hindi language instruction, with a maximum of 60-70 pupils per batch, from Monday through Saturday.
  • Lectures: Our knowledgeable faculty members have created each 1:15-hour lecture in accordance with the NEET pattern.
  • Revision Classes: Students can request revision sessions for a number of very helpful subjects.
  • Doubt Sessions: These sessions take place every day from 1:30 to 2:30 PM, and they are also scheduled individually for students who need further help getting their doubts cleared out.
  • Board classes: This is a flexible programme that offers students the chance to attend succinct board classes covering the full syllabus of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths in order to improve their performance on board examinations as well as NEET.

Smart Study Material

  • The Daily Practice Problem Sheet (DPPS): is a compilation of multilayered conceptual questions that are included in every topic of the daily lectures. Its purpose is to reinforce the concepts presented in the classroom and to increase question-solving speed through time-bound practice.
  • Subject and Topic-Wise Booklets (Modules): A module is a topic specific theory and exercise booklet that is created in accordance with the NEET and NCERT syllabus. It includes a variety of conceptual, challenging, and thought-provoking questions covering confidence-boosting topics. would at all potential question varieties. 1. Topic wise previous years board exam question papers and their solutions.

         1. Subject-specific past board exam questions and their solution.
         2. Subject-wise last ten years’ NEET test questions and solution.
         3. Important NCERT questions and their solution.


  • Advanced Test System: Periodic tests are held to assess students’ performance, help them acquire the mentality necessary to handle all types of questions, and help them manage exam conditions like time management, among other things. The goal is to eliminate test anxiety and encourage continual test preparation. additionally to increase accuracy, speed, and strength identification.
  • Regular Tests: These assessments are mostly focused on the subjects that are being covered in class at that moment.
  • Grand Tests: Held every two to three months, these exams are designed to verify student proficiency in the subjects covered during this period and to guarantee review.
  • PRATIGYA Test Series (NEET): To improve their NEET score, a series of tests is administered at the conclusion of each session, which is followed by a discussion session.

Additional Features

  • Each batch is assigned a fully committed mentor who will focus their efforts and give them the best academic and administrative support possible to achieve top ranks.
  • Our biometric attendance technology sends out timely SMS alerts when students enter and exit our building.
  • A monthly progress report that informs parents about the class and test results, bridging any gaps that may exist between students, instructors, and MGCI administration.
  • Online video lectures for IIT-JEE students only, intended for revision.

Co Academic Services

  • Our campuses feature separate study zones, providing students with a comfortable and distraction free environment to study before and after classes in campuses from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.
  • Special doubt clinic where students can solve their doubt without any prior appointment.
  • Survey on student feedback: During the academic year, three to four Student Satisfaction Surveys are administered to assess each faculty member’s performance on a range of criteria. Analysis is done on the outcomes.
  • Motivation Classes: Periodically, motivation classes are held to maintain students’ motivation. These classes assist students in relieving mental strain and tension. These are often held to help students become more self-assured and goal-focused.
  • Counselling team: We provide extra attention to students by phoning them frequently. Faculty and staff members meet with
    students regularly, engage with them, and encourage them to pursue their professional objectives. By listening to them and taking the necessary action, the academic and co-academic staff members attend to the personal issues of the students.

Discipline In MGCI

  • General Discipline: MGCI is only accountable for the academic success and discipline of its students on its campus; it is not liable for the student’s general demeanour, conduct housing and lodging arrangements, or discipline off campus. It is recommended that parents be in close contact with their children and exercise careful supervision over their actions and demeanour during the academic year.
  • Identity Card: Students who successfully register at MGCI receive an I-Card, which serves as their identity as an “MGCI Student”. If a student is not wearing their I-Card, they are not permitted to enter MGCI property. Academic resources at MGCI can also be accessed with a student’s I-card.
  • Student Uniform: Students enrolled in MGCI courses are required to wear their two pairs of uniforms (T-shirts) to class and on exams.
  • Attendance System: Students’ attendance during lectures and examinations is essential to their performance in JEE (Main+Advanced), JEE (Main), and NEET (UG). At MGCI, we have a systematic system in place for tracking and marking attendance.
    Students’ attendance is routinely reported to parents and students.
  • Vacations: MGCI offers no extended breaks during the semester, except two days off for Rakshabandhan and seven days off for
    Diwali. and is closed on Holi (Dhulandi) and our Special Function (Victory Celebration).

The Information could consist of:

  • Regular / Doubt / Special Classes / Library
  • Examinations / Test Schedules / Conduction
  • Academic Performance & Analysis / daily attendance
  • Class / Test Attendance / Absenteeism
  • Discipline and Rules & Regulations
  • Important Announcements / updates
  • Counselling & Guidance / motivation session
  • Competitive Examinations
  • Grievances & Complaints
  • Feedback & Suggestions

Parental and student communication channels with MGCI:

  • Institute’s Notice Boards / Time Table Sheets
  • Classroom / Test Centre Announcements
  • SMSs on Mobile Phones
  • Calls on Mobile / Landline Phones
  • Website (www.mgci.co.in)
  • E-mails on personal email IDs of students / parents
  • Through Students / Parents Satisfaction and Feedback Surveys
  • Management Staff (Reception / Front Office / Class Supervisor)

Parental and student communication channels with MGCI:

  • Calling at our Call centre Mo. No. 9329911449, 9171555517
  • Calling at our Reception / Help Desk of Head Office / Study Centre
  • E-mailing at mginstitituteindore@gmail.com
  • Parents-MGCI Meeting (PMM) – with non-academic staff
  • Through Tele-survey / feedback

Positive Outcomes

Because of its history of success, MGCI has been a leader in the entrance exam tutoring industry. The MGCI Success Graph has been rising for a variety of tests since 2005. 1000+ students have been successfully selected in various exams thanks to MGCI’s vision to attain excellence in career education.