MGCI Mentors


It is known to all that a good education can change anyone and a good teacher can change everything “Education is the identity of the future” The Excellent results of MGCI proved that MGCI has the best efforts to help the students.There is always a team of best teachers who help in clearing every doubt of the students. MGCI’s faculty team consists of highly renowned, motivated and experienced teachers.

At MGCI, proper care is taken by every faculty member in preparing the students in such a way that they can meet any challenge of life with ease.

Physics Mentors

Mr. Ram Bhatia sir
B. Tech (IIT, BOMBAY) Exp. : 25 Years
Mr. Amit Pardeshi sir
M.Sc. Physics Exp. : 17 Years
Mr. Manish Choudhary sir
M.Sc. Physics Exp. : 10 Years
Mr. Manish Lodha sir
Mr. Manish Lodha sir
B. Tech (NIT, BHOPAL) Exp. : 8 Years
Mr. Nagendra Chouhan sir
B.E. (Computer Science) Exp. : 18 Years

Chemistry Mentors

Mr. Narendra Kalosiya sir
M.Sc. Chemistry Exp. : 15 Years
Mr. M. Kanchwala sir
IIT – Kharagpur Exp. : 10 Years
Mr. Rajesh Khodre sir
M.Sc. Chemistry Exp. : 14 Years
Mr. Ravin Agrawal sir
M.Sc. (Chemistry) Exp. : 17 years

Biology Mentors

Mr. Ajay Patel sir
M.Sc. Botany Exp. : 14 Years
Dr. Manoj Anant sir
BDS (GDC, Indore) Exp. : 8 years
sanjay rajput
Mr. Sanjay Rajput sir
M.Sc. Zoology Exp. : 12 years
Mrs. Deepika Rathod mam
M.Sc. Bot. & Zoology Exp. : 14 years
Mrs. Megha Kushwah mam
M.Sc. Zoology Exp. : 7 years
Ms. Priyanka Tiwari ma’am
Ms. Priyanka Tiwari mam
M.Sc. Micro Biology Exp. : 12 years
Dr. Ashu Pandey sir
Dr. Ashu Pandey sir
Phd - Life science Exp. : 6 years

Mathematics Mentors

Mr. Ram Bhatia sir
B. Tech (IIT, BOMBAY) Exp. : 25 Years
TRILOK PATEL Mathematics 16 Years Experience
Mr. Trilok Patel sir
M.Sc. (Math) Exp. : 19 Years