JEE Main is the first stage of the IIT Joint Entrance Exam. For admission to different undergraduate engineering programmes at prestigious universities like IITs, NITs, and other government-funded technical colleges across the nation, the NTA administers a very tough entrance exam.
The exam determines a student’s eligibility for admission to these prestigious engineering institutes by analysing their knowledge of mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

Criteria of Eligibility

Students must confirm that they meet the JEE Main 2024 eligibility requirements before submitting an application for the JEE Mains exam in 2024. An applicant will not be allowed to take the exam if they do not meet the eligibility standards.

  •  Age Limit: Candidates who want to take the JEE Main exam are not restricted by any age. Typically, the information is released in the JEE Main Information Brochure.
  • Eligibility Exam: An applicant may be eligible regardless of age if they have passed their Class 12 exam or any equivalent exam, such as a two-year Pre-University exam, a diploma recognised by the AICTE or a State board, a senior secondary school exam, a Higher Secondary Certificate Vocational Examination, an Advanced (A) General Certificate Education (GCE) examination (London/Cambridge/Sri Lanka), a High School Certificate Examination of the Cambridge University, or an International Baccalaureate Diploma from the International Baccalaureate Office, Geneva.
  • Year: JEE Main 2024 is open to applicants who passed the Class 12 or equivalent exam in 20222, 2023, or who want to take it in 2024.
  • Minimum percentage of marks required: Applicants must have at least 75% on each board (65% for SC/ST students).
  • Number of Attempts: Within a three-year period, candidates may attempt the exam a total of six times.
  • Subjects Studied for the Qualifying Exam: In order to be eligible, the candidate must have passed the 12th grade or its equivalent with at least five subjects—Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Language, and one elective.

Qualifications for JEE Main Papers 2 and 3 Overall Attempts: Candidates are allowed to take JEE Main three times in a row. The candidate needs to have passed the qualifying exam with 50% of the possible points in maths, physics, and chemistry. Candidates applying for B.Arch./B.Planning courses must have a maths proficiency.

Best JEE Mains Coaching In Indore (M.P.)

Every student who wants to work in the technological business has to aim to qualify for the JEE Main. The Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) is administered by the National Testing Agency (NTA).

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Why Choose MGCI

Teaching strategy: The faculty’s approach to teaching is centered on encouraging students’ desire for lifelong learning and cognitive stimulation. To guarantee comprehensive understanding and clarification, MGCI’s JEE main test coaching style combines idea development, lectures, revision courses, and doubt sessions.

Sufficient evaluation: MGCI encourages assessments through periodic exams, small tests, major tests, and the Pratigya Test Series to improve students’ problem-solving skills and confidence.

Smart Study Resources: For the JEE Mains test, MGCI, the top JEE Mains coaching in India, provides smart study resources. For efficient revision, this includes concept books, question banks, subject- and topic-specific booklets, and Daily Practise Problems Sheets (DPPS).

Extra features: Dedicated mentors, digital platforms for monitoring academic progress, online video courses, and inspirational speeches are just a few of the extra services offered by MGCI.

Counseling sessions and student assistance: To ensure that students are driven, concentrated, and self-assured in their academic endeavors, MGCI offers complete support, including counseling, mentoring, and guidance.

Uniform system: MGCI also supports good behavior among students, parents, and the institute by implementing a uniform system, keeping an eye on attendance, and fostering constructive communication.

Promising Results: You need to study the full JEE Main syllabus to do well in the exam. With more than 100 candidates selected successfully from various of engineering and medical tests, MGCI has a history of delivering encouraging outcomes.

JEE Main Exam Pattern

The official JEE Main test website,, has information about the exam’s format, amount of questions, and marking scheme.
The JEE Main 2024 paper pattern is available for download there. Paper 1 (B.E/B.Tech) and Paper 2 (B.Arch or B.Plan) JEE Main test dates for 2024 are still declared. You should study the exam pattern in advance if you plan to take the JEE Main 2024 exam.


JEE Main Paper Minus Marking Scheme

  • Correct answers will receive four marks, but erroneous answers will result in one mark being subtracted. This is true for both numerical-based and multiple-choice questions.
  • Questions that remain unanswered receive no marks.

JEE Main Paper 1 (B.E or B.Tech Courses)

  • Exam Mode: Offline computer-based examination. The response papers that have already been downloaded must be filled out by the students.
  • Exam Duration: 3 hours
  • Maths, chemistry, and physics will all be addressed in the questions.
  • The questions consist of multiple-choice objective questions and numerical-based questions.
  • 90 questions will be on the paper in total, with 20 questions in section A and 10 questions in section B. For three subjects math, physics, and chemistry candidates may attempt 75 questions totaling 300 marks, 20 of which are in section A and 5 in section B.

JEE Main Paper 2A (B.Arch Courses)

  • Exam mode: Part I: mathematics, Part II: Computer-based test (CBT) for the aptitude test, and Part III: The drawing test in the “Pen and Paper” (offline) mode must be completed on an A4-sized drawing sheet.
  • Three hours for the exam duration
  • The mathematics section comprises 10 numerical value-based questions and 20 multiple-choice questions. For questions dependent on numbers, you should only try five out of ten.
  • 50 multiple-choice questions in the aptitude section.
  • The Drawing Test, which comprises two questions, will assess sketching and drawing abilities.

JEE Main Paper 2A Marking Scheme

  • In the aptitude and mathematics portions, each right response will get four marks, while each wrong answer will result in one score being subtracted.
  • Both multiple-choice questions and questions involving numbers are subject to a negative marking of one mark.
  • Marks for the Drawing Test will be awarded according to the candidate’s drawing abilities; unsuccessful attempts at a question will not result in a negative score.
    Note: You should only do the computations and writing in the Rough Sheet that is available at the Test Centre, Examination Room, or Hall. Candidates should provide the invigilator with the rough sheets after the exam is finished.

JEE Main Marks vs Ranks

By knowing the distinction between marks and ranks, students at MGCI, the top coaching for JEE Mains, may compute their own scores.

Score out of 300 Rank Percentile
286-292 19-12 99.99826992-99.99890732
280-284 42-23 99.99617561-99.99790569
268-279 106-64 99.99034797-99.99417236
250-267 524-108 99.95228621-99.99016586
231-249 1385-546 99.87388626-99.95028296
215-230 2798-1421 99.74522293-99.87060821
200-214 4667-2863 99.57503767-99.73930423
189-199 6664-4830 99.39319714-99.56019541
175-188 10746-7152 99.02150308-99.3487614
160-174 16163-11018 98.52824811-98.99673561
149-159 21145-16495 98.07460288-98.49801724
132-148 32826-22238 97.0109678-97.97507774
120-131 43174-33636 96.0687115-96.93721175
110-119 54293-44115 95.05625037-95.983027
102-109 65758-55269 94.01228357-94.96737888
95-101 76260-66999 93.05600452-93.89928202
89-94 87219-78111 92.05811248-92.88745828
79-88 109329-90144 90.0448455-91.79177119
62-87 169542-92303 84.56203931-91.59517945
41-61 326517-173239 70.26839007-84.22540213
1-40 1025009-334080 6.66590786-69.5797271

JEE Main Results

The official JEE Main website,, has the results of the 2023 JEE Main Session 1 & 2 available. On this page, you will discover all the information on the results of JEE Main 2023 Session 1 and Session 2. A candidate may apply for the JEE Advanced 2023 exam if they are among the top 2,50,000 qualifiers.
The JEE Main (2023) results are released by NTA. For students who took part in every JEE Main phase, the best score would be considered while determining the final rank.

How Can I View the JEE Main Results?

  • Open JEE Main result portal
  • Enter the roll number and date of birth
  • Click the Submit button
    On the Website will be the JEE Main result. It is advised that students download the scorecard for their records in the future, especially to utilise for the counselling and admissions processes.

How to calculated Percentile Score is JEE Main 2023 Result?

JEE aspirants must understand the distinction between a percentage and a percentile, as well as the fact that passing JEE Main 2023 requires achieving a particular percentile. The percentile can be calculated using the formula below. To find the JEE Main percentile score, take 100 and divide it by the total number of candidates who took the exam in that session and received a score that was lower than or equal to the candidate with the highest raw score. Next, divide this result by the total number of students who attended that session.

JEE Main Cutoff Marks

The JEE Mains 2023 cutoff marks are the minimum marks that students must get in order to qualify for the JEE Mains 2023 exam and participate in JEE Advanced.
The JEE Mains 2023 cutoff is now accessible online at thanks to the NTA. Candidates can examine the JEE Main cut-off marks for 2023 in addition to the outcome. Using their login information, aspirants can verify their JEE Main cutoff percentile 2023. The official website has published the NTA JEE main 2023 cutoff list.
The JEE Main cutoff marks will be determined by the following variables.

  •  Total candidates appeared
  •  The difficulty level of the questions
  •  The overall performance of the students
  •  The cutoff trends of previous years
    The below table shows the cut off trends for JEE Mains.
Category JEE Main 2022 Cut off JEE Main 2021 Cut off JEE Main 2020 Cut off JEE Main 2019 Cut off
General 88.4121383 87.8992241 90.3765335 89.7548849
OBC-NCL 67.00 68.0234447 72.8887969 74.3166557
SC 43.0820954 46.8825338 50.1760245 54.0128155
ST 26.7771328 34.6728999 39.0696101 44.3345172
GEN- EWS 63.1114141 66.2214845 70.2435518 78.2174869
PwD 0.0031029 0.0096375 0.0618524 0.1137173

Techniques of Teaching

Concept Building: Air-conditioned classrooms are used for regularly scheduled, small-batch Hindi and English sessions from Monday to Saturday.

Lectures: Students’ overall comprehension is greatly enhanced by attending JEE Mains-specific sessions. Students are forced to practice extensive problem-solving techniques during every lecture. Our passionate faculty develops each 1:15-hour lecture in accordance with the JEE pattern.

Revision Sessions: Revision sessions are offered for a number of really helpful topics upon a request from the students.
Doubt Sessions: These are arranged in accordance with the schedule and go above and above to give students who are looking for the greatest clarity possible on their doubts extra help.

Frequent Assessments: The institute administers quizzes, mock exams, and assessments on a frequent basis to monitor students’ progress and give quick feedback. Students are able to determine their areas of strength and growth as a result.

Student Support: MGCI offers all-encompassing assistance, including coaching, counseling and advice, to ensure that students are driven, committed, and self-assured in their academic pursuits.


At MGCI, each course is instructed by a qualified faculty member. They go above and beyond to answer any question a student may have, and they are very student-friendly. MGCI uses a modern teaching approach to get rid of any theoretical and conceptual doubts. Because it addresses its students’ learning needs, tailors their study plans, and provides individualised attention, MGCI is the best JEE mains coaching in India.


What makes MGCI unique?

Because to its excellent coaching programmes and notable accomplishments, MGCI was given the Best Coaching Institute Award. MGCI has been acknowledged for its exceptional accomplishments as it has continuously produced high scores on competitive exams like NEET and JEE.

Does taking coaching help me pass the JEE Mains exam?

It is not difficult to pass JEE Main without coaching. Reaching your goals of passing the JEE mains exam can be effectively accomplished by enlisting the aid of a reputable JEE mains coaching centre. But the right amount of commitment and study is needed to crack the JEE main exam. The JEE Mains exam cannot be passed without study, aspirants should be aware of this.

What kind of study materials are pupils going to receive?

Smart learning tools are offered by MGCI in the form of daily Self Assessment Tests. Additionally, students will have access to topic-specific theory and exercise booklets that are created in accordance with the JEE and NCERT syllabuses. These booklets offer a variety of conceptual, challenging, and brainstorming questions that cover a wide range of topics, including time management and confidence building.

Which study techniques work best for passing JEE Main?

To guarantee that you pass JEE Main 2023, taking practice exams and working through sample papers and the previous year’s JEE Main question papers is a crucial part of JEE Main preparation. To evaluate their performance on the entrance exam, candidates need to take many JEE Main mock exams.

Are there any MGCI scholarship programmes available to students?

MGCI offers scholarships based on various criteria. Scholarships are provided for students who have excelled in their 10th/12th boards. Scholarships are also awarded based on the previous year’s NEET/JEE Mains Scorecard. and MGCI also provides scholarship tests for all students.